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ATGs Cost You Money, while TotalSIR Pays For Itself!

Less than 60 cents a day can save you $lOOs in lost profits

Fuel can be lost in three areas: sales, deliveries, and leaks. In order to do proper inventory control you must have the capability to track the product all the way through your system, from delivery through dispenser. Most ATGs can only monitor the product while it is being stored in the tank, yet it is a well-known fact that this is not where most losses take place. Because TotalSIR monitors and analyzes your entire system, it reveals losses and inventory control problems that might otherwise go undetected. The potential TotalSIR has to put money back in your pocket, can more than pay for the service.

Fact 1: A recent case study found 1 of every 4 meters was out of calibration beyond the federal tolerance level, and 95% of these were giving fuel away!

Fact 2: TotalSIR helps to identify miscalibrated meters, minimizing lost profits.

Where are your profits going?

Flawed Inventory Control (IC) practices cost petroleum marketers vast sums of money every day. Yet, for many, substantial monthly/yearly unexplained fuel losses are viewed as a painful, unavoidable, business reality. Accurate wet stock inventory control has often been seen as unattainable. This is simply not true! Amazingly, some tank owners accept fuel IC practices that they would never permit with their dry stock inventory. So then, the first step to achieving accurate IC, thereby preventing lost profits, begins with you, the Boss. It is essential that you refuse to accept sloppy inventory control practices.

Enter TotalSIR!

In our experience, successful IC is a simple matter of 1) Training; 2) Enforcement of company policies regarding accurate IC practices; and 3) Accountability. TotalSIR will provide you with some training tools that will clearly illustrate the simplicity of proper IC techniques. We are also in a perfect position to help you reinforce sound inventory control procedures, through the TotalSIR analysis of the supplied data. Because we can spot poor data collection, our "third-party" evaluation usually provides sufficient incentive to do the job correctly. All that remains is for you to inform your staff that successful IC is vital to the survival of the business, and in turn, their employment.

Most UST owners depend entirely on "Manual Inventory Control" (MIC) to find the problems illustrated in the table below. MIC allows for a variance of 1% of monthly sales + 130 gallons. Do the math using YOUR Sales figures to see how much you may be losing without even knowing it!

Problem Areas Identified
(Profit Losses)
Automatic Tank Gauge TotalSIR
ATG Miscalibration NO YES
Blender Settings NO YES
Dispenser Leaks NO YES
Employee Error NO YES
Leaking Tanks YES YES
Leaking Lines Only w/Add On YES
Wrong Tank Charts NO YES
Meter Miscalibration NO YES
Short Drops NO YES
Theft NO YES

The Bottom Line

When it comes to compliance, TotalSIR is hundreds of times less expensive than ATGs, and provides the exact same level of leak detection accuracy. Add to this fact the potential financial upside of improved inventory control, and we are confident that you'll conclude that choosing TotalSIR over an ATG is a "no-brainer." We know that you have NO desire to buy and maintain another piece of expensive equipment. Slick marketing and misinformation has caused many UST owners to believe that they had no choice but to fork over the money. The ATG manufacturers would love for you to believe just that. We want you to know that you do have a choice…a more comprehensive, less expensive choice! We appreciate this opportunity to tell you the TotalSIR story, and invite you to compare for yourself. We believe you will conclude that TotalSIR is the right choice for you.